Agentūrų aptarnavimas
Agentūrų aptarnavimas

TravelTrex GmbH
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50968 Kelnas

+49 (0)221 33 60 62 50
I-IV: 10.00–17.00
V: uždaryta
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Dažniausiai užduodami klausimai (FAQ)

Čia rasite atsakymus į dažniausiai užduodamus klausimus.

1. Klausimai apie registraciją

  • How do I subscribe to the Affiliate Programme?
    Subscribing to the Affiliate Programme is quickly done and is very easy. Please select the type of affiliate you'd like to become, either "Web Affiliate" or "Travel Agency" and read the according affiliate agreement. After you have done so you can register with your personal data by clicking on the link "I accept the conditions of participation and want to register for the affiliate programme." If you have any questions you can contact our service staff any time.
  • What type of commission payment do I have?
  • How much commission do I receive?
  • When do I receive my commission?

2. Questions about the booking

  • What are the booking options?
  • Can I book directly after registering?
  • As a travel agent, can I make an unbinding reservation?
  • What happens after the booking has been made? Do I receive information about the booking?

3. Questions about the affiliate area

  • What is the affiliate area for?
  • How do I change personal information?

4. General questions

  • What is cookie tracking?

5. Special Information

  • Do you have special information for travel agencies?